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4 Ways You Can Maximize Laser Hair Removal Results

If you have unwanted hair on your face, legs, or intimate areas, laser hair removal can be a very effective tool. There are ways you can maximize the results of your treatments so you have the smoothest skin possible. Learn how to get the most out of your laser hair removal visits so you can love your natural appearance more. 

Stay out of the sun

Lasers used in the hair removal process work best on light-toned skin. This means you want your skin tone to remain as natural as possible throughout the laser hair removal process. Try to stay out of the sun for a few weeks prior to your first treatment, and avoid or limit sun exposure when you are between sessions. If you are in the sun, use sunscreen or wear protective clothing to keep your skin at its most natural shade possible. Sunburned skin is also more sensitive to a laser, which means a more uncomfortable experience if you don't limit your exposure.

Tanning beds should be avoided as well, and you should discontinue use of self-tanners that can alter your skin's appearance. Talk to your technician about other precautions you should take regarding the sun or tanning beds before you start your first session.

Don't tweeze, shave, or wax

Yes, you want super-smooth skin and you want it done yesterday, but laser hair removal takes time. You may have to receive several treatments to achieve the silky appearance you want, which means stubborn stubble and patches of hair that you'll have to deal with between sessions. If you remove hair on your own in any way, the laser may miss the stubble at your next appointment, leaving you with less than stellar results.

Keep your appointments

If you have a few appointments left but love your results thus far, don't skip out on your sessions. Keep your appointments instead to make sure your laser hair removal adventure has caught every last follicle it can. If you don't keep your appointments you may notice hair sprouting back where you don't want it weeks or months down the line. If you really feel you don't want to continue with your treatments, consult with your aesthetician before doing so to avoid ruining your results thus far.

Getting laser hair removal is a great way to manage your hygiene and feel great about yourself. If you do the right things to make the treatments more successful, you can be rewarded with beautiful, smooth skin every day. Stay out of the sun, put those tweezers down, and keep every appointment, and you can have the results you really want.

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